Creating a global consumer brand - that’s the primary objective of our Global Marketing function. Our talented teams have experience of creating brands and then making them iconic. We’re always bold and brave, and have the vision to bring the brand to life.

Our Brand team collects the invaluable consumer insight and market data that guides everything we do - from product ranges to advertising campaigns. They advise on distribution and develop new store designs, pick the perfect locations and plan PR campaigns. They’re always looking for new ways to reach new consumers, to take the Clarks brand to new places across the globe. Which is a fascinating - and ever-evolving - creative challenge.

The Insights team focuses on global consumer research, and they get under the skin of our target consumers: discovering what motivates them to buy our shoes, and whether factors such as price, quality or fashion affect their decisions. We also have specialist category teams whose job it is to meet the needs of particular consumer types. These Men’s, Women’s and Kids teams develop global marketing strategies and communications materials. Working closely with our in-house graphic designers, product teams and external advertising and design agencies, they make sure we deliver highly creative, integrated, award-winning ideas that capture the imagination as well as our core brand values.

Our Channel teams ensure that our brand works in different sales environments. The Wholesale Brand team represents Clarks around the world, making sure our marketing strategy is consistent across all markets and wholesale outlets. Our Retail team works on creating incredible in-store execution, while our Multichannel Retail team manages our fully integrated online branding.

Typical roles include ...

  • Brand Manager
  • Marketing Manager
  • Digital Marketing Manager
  • Graphic Designer
  • Insights Manager

Spotlight on a ... Brand Manager

Understanding consumers. That’s the speciality of our Brand team. We need to understand their lifestyle, attitudes and needs, and then build strategies that will communicate the Clarks brand to these people. As a Brand Manager, you’ll focus on a particularly category of Clarks products or a specific market segment, Men’s, for example.

Whichever area you’re specialising in, you’ll work closely with regions and markets around the world, as well as with our PR, advertising and retail communications agencies, to develop seasonal marketing campaigns. This can include everything from photo shoots, press days, digital, retail and wholesale channels, print and other advertising. It’s up to you to provide collateral for different channels, strategy and direction that our markets around the world can use. It’s a fantastic area to work in.

Rightly, we’re immensely proud of our brand and we’re excited by the prospect of taking Clarks to new markets in exciting, even unconventional ways. Seeing innovative campaigns come to life is a fantastic feeling and there’s a great buzz when you’re working with inspirational, creative and passionate colleagues.