International Operations

International Operations

The atmosphere in International Operations is exciting, the pace is fast and the attitude is adventurous - it has to be, as our plan is to double business in non-UK markets by 2015.

We’ve teams in the UK and around the world, all of which are focused on delivering our ambitious international growth plans. Here in the UK, we’re working on the expansion of our international franchise business, project managing our store opening programme in Germany, and planning our international growth strategy. There’s certainly a lot to get your professional teeth into.

While many of us are based in Street, Somerset, we’re a globe-trotting business function. We have to be. It’s important that we’re spending time with our international customers and gaining a better understanding of our markets and consumers.

As well as our UK-based teams, we have International Operations professionals on the ground managing our businesses in the USA, Europe and Asia, including retail, wholesale and franchise. All of them are focused on the continued growth and success of our brand globally.

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Typical roles include ...

  • Project Manager
  • Business Development Manager

Spotlight on a ... Project Manager

Project Managers make change happen. And by making change happen, they enable the Clarks business to achieve its strategic objectives - and we’ve got some very big and exciting strategic objectives and growth plans in place at the moment!

Whether you’re working on improving services, process efficiency or systems, you’ll do it in a structured, methodical way, never losing sight on what the end customer needs. It’s fair to say that no two days are the same. You’ll often find yourself managing several projects at the same time across a variety of areas and all at different stages in their project lifecycle. You could be running progress meetings, liaising with project teams to monitor progress, putting together a team for the next project, or meeting with stakeholders in our international markets to see first-hand the impact of the benefits achieved through our project.

Recent projects include designing and implementing the service model we provide to our international franchise partners. This enables them to successfully open and manage profitable Clarks stores, while delivering our brand and service proposition. So making a difference? While it’s become a cliché, it’s exactly what you’ll do as a Project Manager with Clarks.