Customer Services

Customer Services

Customer Services is all about our teams helping our customers with whatever they need, in the way they need it. It’s making sure that doing business with Clarks is as easy, efficient and enjoyable as possible. And because of our different types of customer and their different needs, we’ve two different customer service teams.

Let’s start with Wholesale. Here we work with our Wholesale Customers (other retailers who sell our products). This team helps manage the life of every order, from order entry to despatch. But it’s about more than meeting stock requirements. Our dedicated team (centrally and locally based) work hard to meet the expectations and constantly changing needs of our global wholesale customers.

Secondly, we have Consumer. Customer care, in other words. During peak times, our helpful and knowledgeable Consumer team responds to more than 1,000 telephone calls a week – not to mention hundreds of email enquiries. And whether it’s helping a customer to find their nearest Clarks store or checking a customer’s order status, they do it with a smile, skilfully resolving every call, email or letter.

In November 2010, we completed two UK Customer Satisfaction Index surveys which have given us our first customer satisfaction measure and benchmark for our business. Now we can compare our results year on year, and also compare our results with other organisations in our sector and region.

Typical roles include ...

  • Customer Services Administrator
  • Orders Integrity Manager
  • Deputy Customer Services Manager
  • Project Co-ordinator
  • EDI Support Team
  • Personal Assistant to the Customer Services Operations Manager
  • Team Leader
  • Customer/Consumer Advisor

Spotlight on a ... Consumer Advisor

Brilliant customer service is a Clarks hallmark. It’s what we’re famous for and it’s what keeps customers coming back to us time and time again. As a Consumer Advisor, you’ll be the first point of contact for a lot of our customers if they have any problems with their shoes or our service. It’s up to you to help turn a poor experience into a positive one. Whether it’s a phone call, an email or a letter, you’ll put the customer at ease and try to resolve their problem. Like everyone here, you’ll do your best to make the customer happy and ensure that they come back to Clarks.

Happy customers make you happy. You’ll love helping people out, whether someone’s having difficulties with our website or their shoes haven’t turned up when they’re supposed to. When customers leave feedback on our website, you’ll email them back, either thanking them for their feedback or answering their questions. There’s a lot of variety on offer. Every call, email or letter will be different, and you’ll also examine and assess shoes, working with colleagues to work out what’s happened. So it’s not all about being on the phone. There’s also a lot of writing involved too, so you’ll be fine-tuning your communication skills all the while.

Spotlight on a ... Customer Service Administrator

Customer Service Administrators in our UK National Accounts team look after customer enquiries and customer order books. In many ways, they make sure that we’re crossing the I’s and dotting the T’s, that we know what stock our national account customers have ordered and when it’s due to despatched. It’s a big job, so you’ll need to be brilliantly organised, with excellent communication and listening skills.

You’ll be involved in the customer order journey from beginning to end. To get things started you’ll input order details onto our computer system using information from customers and Supply Chain. Once the orders are processed, you’ll track their progress on a daily basis to make sure they’re all delivered to the customer on time –and to their satisfaction. That’s what it’s all about as a Customer Service Administrator: making sure that our customers are happy, satisfied and impressed by the way we do things here at Clarks!