What you could be doing

It takes a great team effort to make a Clarks store a success, whether it’s a store in a shopping centre or a factory outlet out-of-town. But retail isn’t just about selling shoes. It’s about providing a fantastic shopping experience. And that’s down to the people that work in store. Whatever the type of store, it’s usually headed up by a Store Manager, with a team that includes an Assistant Manager, Team Leaders and Sales Team Members. Our Regional and Area Sales Managers are out and about supporting these teams. To find out more about each role, simply click the job title you’re interested in.

We also have a large and incredibly talented Retail Operations team. As it sounds, Retail Operations supports every single part of the retail, wholesale and franchise business, from strategic planning to training and development to in-store communications. It’s their job to make sure that every store is working in a consistent way and delivering outstanding retail experiences to our customers.