Assistant Store Manager

Assistant Store Manager

Behind every great Store Manager you’ll find an equally impressive Assistant Store Manager. You’ll be important in making sure that, on a day-to-basis, the store runs like clockwork. That means organising the staff rota to make sure there’s the right amount of people working. Briefing the team every morning. Checking daily sales figures and seeing how they compare to other stores. You’ll take charge of the important logistical stuff too, like opening up, cashing up and, at the end of a busy, productive day, locking up.

As an Assistant Store Manager, you’re the go-to-person on the shop floor. Leading by example, you’ll help and encourage store colleagues to deliver great customer service and increase their sales figures. Of course, you’re also there for customers, impressing them with your brilliant product knowledge and first-class service. You’ll also think of new ways to boost sales or motivate the team. That’s a big part of your very important role. You’ll also step in for the Store Manager when they’re off or away from the store.

Hear from our Assistant Store Managers

“Clarks is a family business and you can tell that when you walk into our store.”

“I thrive on responsibility. I love working with people. I’m in the perfect job, I’d say.”

“I’ve always enjoyed working for Clarks - my job’s busy, but good busy!”