Team Leader

Team Leader

Our Team Leaders love nothing more than happy customers and ringing tills – that’s what makes them so important to the success of a Clarks store. In lots of ways, our Team Leaders are like other retailers’ department managers. You’ll have your own area to manage and look after, whether it’s womens, mens or kids. It’ll be your baby, as they say. You’ll make it your own, talking to customers and selling with confidence and enthusiasm, driving sales and smashing sales targets.

Your enthusiasm will be catching too. As well as making the store a lively place to shop and work, you’ll be a real inspiration to your Sales Team Members. You’ll help them to increase sales and provide every single customer with a helpful, enjoyable shopping experience.

Hear from our Team Leaders

“The best bits are when we hit our targets, and when members of my team really excel.”

“Right now I’m involved in the ‘New Season Launch Group’. This means going around the area making sure things are merchandised the way they should be.”

“Clarks is definitely a good company to work for. They keep you up-to-date with what’s going on with the business as a whole, and you always feel as though you can put your own ideas forward.”