Operations Manager

Operations Manager

It’s the job of the Operations Manager to make sure that the vital link-in-the chain, the distribution part of our business, is structured and resourced in the right way, and plays its part in the overall picture efficiently and effectively. You’ll have lots of different relationships to manage, internally and externally, in the UK and overseas.

Your team includes Shift Managers who look after the distribution centre day and night. They make sure that all our operational targets are met - or that we go beyond the number of pairs we despatch. There’s also a small number of Senior Front Line Managers. They’re on hand to step in for Shift Managers when necessary.

Hear from our Operations Managers

"I am proud to work for Clarks because it's a world renowned brand, a global operation and yet still holds true to core family values throughout the business. These values are evident in the day to day culture and environment in which I work."

“Logistically speaking, it’s hard to think of a bigger challenge.”

“For me, it’s not just what I do. It’s the people I work with. We’ve a brilliantly talented and committed team here.”

“You’ve got to be able to see the logistical details and the big commercial picture. That’s not always easy.”