Frontline Manager

Frontline Manager

The Front Line Manager is responsible for a whole shift in the distribution centre. It’s up to you to make sure that products are coming into and going out of the site as planned, that the right people are in the right place at the right time, and that downtime is minimised. It also means managing and motivating all the members of the team on the shift, so that they’re performing at their best.

You’ve got to be quick to react in this job. Schedules can - and do - change at a moment’s notice and thinking on your feet is a necessity. You’ll need to let teams know of any changes and encourage them to get things moving, when they need to move.

You’ll also recruit and develop Team Leaders and the rest of their team. You’ll also have lots of contact with other key departments in the distribution centre, including the Control Room team, Human Resources and the Senior Operations Managers.

Hear from our Frontline Managers

“The best thing about the job is getting positive feedback from customers.”

“You’re encouraged to take on new things here, to push yourself and develop new skills.”

“I’m currently working on a project that involves creating and organising a specialist room for storing and distributing high value equipment used by many of our teams.”