Spotlight on a ... Footwear Designer

Like us, you love pushing the boundaries in footwear design, construction and manufacturing to give people all around the world what they want. Designers start the ball rolling by brainstorming the key silhouettes, footwear constructions and style trends that we want to lead our collections with. That’s why, on a day-to-day basis, you’ll be researching trends, markets and competitors’ products. It’s important to keep yourself up-to-the-minute with everything that’s happening.

Here at Clarks, we’re constantly designing our range, and making sure all the key looks are covered. So you’ll find yourself making decisions on colour palettes for the season, or leather types for specific categories. You’ll also work closely with our Product Development teams and factories to make sure our samples arrive for review meetings.

Seeing samples arrive from the factories exactly how you intended them is a huge buzz, and seeing people around the world actually wearing your designs is incredibly rewarding. You’ll have some outstanding resources and facilities at your fingertips too: last modelists, sole model facilities, and CAD areas for realising sole and unit designs. We even have the ability to make footwear in a shoe making workshop or to model it in 3D from a software package. What more could you ask for?