Spotlight on an ... Acquisition Marketing Executive

Acquisitions Marketing Executive. Sounds impressive and makes a very impressive contribution to our business too. Basically, you’ll help to run the Clarks Affiliate Programme and support the Acquisition Marketing Manager with the rest of the acquisitions channels. That’s things like search engine advertising (PPC SEA), search engine optimisation (SEO) and digital display advertising. Together, they contribute approximately 60% on average to Clarks’ online sales - quite a contribution!

You’ll look closely at trading figures and work out which acquisitions channels have worked well and which ones haven’t worked quite so well. That’s really important for the business. We need to make sure that Clarks digital display advertising is working as effectively as it can, and that we’re spending our budget in the best way possible. It’s about optimising our acquisition marketing channels to gain the highest number of orders possible within budget.

A large part of your time will be spent liaising with others, whether that’s with our website’s Visual Merchandisers to make sure we’re promoting relevant products, or with our design team to ensure we’re producing creative work such as banners for affiliate sites.