Spotlight on a ... SAP Technical Specialist

Within the IT function, you’ll find a number of Technical Specialists. IT professionals with in-depth, up-to-the-minute expertise of a particular IT program or area. SAP being one example. So, if we take the role of a SAP Technical Specialist, what sort of work will you be involved in? Essentially, you’ll help to make sure that all SAP systems are running smoothly, and that new SAP releases and projects are implemented successfully - and on time. Time, as we know is money, especially when you’re working with a business of our scale and complexity.

You’ll get involved with current SAP related projects, which could be anything from moving small changes through our development and test systems, to a large project such as a software upgrade that affects all business areas, all across the globe. Now that’s a professional challenge on a huge scale. It’s also immensely rewarding. Big projects like that mean that you’ll be working with lots of different IT teams, planning, testing and testing again. To get everything done on time - and without any disruption to the business - is extremely satisfying.