Spotlight on a ... Vendor Auditor

Finding the right factory to supply products for Clarks is no small task. There’s a lot to take into account, a lot to consider. And that’s the job of a Vendor Auditor. As a Vendor Auditor, you’ll help the business to make a judgement on how suitable a factory is to supply products for Clarks. You’ll work closely with our sourcing teams to plan the programme of factory audits. You’ll then need to go and visit the factory, carrying out an in-depth audit and seeing for yourself the working conditions there.

It’s looking at everything from health and safety to working hours to wages and employment conditions. And it’s essential that everything is rigorously measured against international standards as well as local legal requirements.

It’s a rewarding job. One where you’ll get to have a tangible impact on working conditions at factories as a result of your recommendations. It’s varied too. As a fashion business, we often use different factories for different products. Which brings a continuous flow of new challenges. What’s particularly interesting at the moment is carrying out audits in collaboration with other footwear brands. This gives us the opportunity to have much more leverage with the factory in making improvements.