So, we operate in over 75 countries. We’re a £1.6 billion business, and we have bold, ambitious plans for further international growth. In short, we’re working hard to position Clarks as a truly global brand. It’s a huge task – and an incredibly exciting challenge. We recognise that to achieve these ambitious growth plans we need the right support structures in place. That’s why we’re revolutionising the way we work and the way we support our global retail and distributions operations.

We appreciate that we need to give different countries the freedom to use their local knowledge and experience to meet the needs of their consumers, while ensuring that they remain effectively supported by our Group business functions. And the home of these vital Group business functions? Our global head office in Street, Somerset.

Our Street head office is the nerve centre of our global business, home to all the support functions that will drive and support our global growth. We also have regional headquarters in the US, in Europe and in China, as well as a support infrastructure in all the markets we operate in.