Distribution Centres

So how do we get our shoes from one corner of the globe to another? How do we make sure the right styles are in the right place - and at the right time? Thanks to our Supply Chain team, around 70 million pairs of our shoes reach the right destination every year - across markets worldwide. That works out at over 500,000 pair of shoes a week, with more than 100 lorries carrying our products.

Our main fully-automated, high-tech distribution centre is based in Street, Somerset. It opened for operations in 2005, and is now home to the majority of our 450-strong Supply Chain team. It works around the clock, converting factory orders into customer shipments. We also have teams at our Factory Shopping Distribution Centre in Kendal, plus distribution centre operation in Spain and Malaysia.

As you can imagine, getting the right shoes to the right store is quite a logistical challenge. Especially when you consider that we have a number of different sales channels, from online sales to our retail stores to factory shopping outlets. Fortunately, this is a team that loves a challenge - and the bigger, the better.

Delivering even more for our customers

Can we do things smoother, faster, more efficiently? We’re always working on our processes so that we provide even better levels of service, delivery performance and in-store product availability. We’ve launched an in-house home delivery service. We’re committed to a new logistics centre for the USA. And we’re moving onto a single global system that’ll streamline supply chain and logistics. Just three examples of our innovative approach to logistics.