Where we're going

Put simply, we’re going global. All-corners-of-the-world global. While we already sell more than 55 million pairs of shoes in 35 markets worldwide every year, we’re hungry for more. Through exciting new products, by using innovative sales channels, we’re taking our forward-looking heritage brand to new international customers. By 2015, we want to have doubled the size of our business. It’s no small feat, and it means growing and expanding way beyond the UK, while maintaining our enviably strong position here.

So, the big question, how do we do it? By thinking big and being bold. Look at what we’re doing with our stores. You’ve probably noticed the difference yourself. They’re bolder, brighter, with a fresh new look and feel. Our international franchise programme is also growing, and we’re going to open 100 stores a year, every year until 2015. Look at where we’re opening them too. In relatively untapped markets like India and China.

E-commerce (often know as Multi-Channel Retailing or MCR here) is a hugely important sales channel. We’re using intelligent technology like redirectional online advertising to promote our shoes. And, in everything we do online, we want to offer customers the best shopping experience imaginable. We’re making the most of social media too, using Twitter (@ClarksShoes) and Facebook (www.Facebook.com/Clarks.Shoes). For us, they’re great ways to communicate with our customers, to share with them some of our brilliant product stories and, just as importantly, to hear what they have to say about our shoes. Two-way communication is really important to us.

Innovation’s at the heart of everything we do. Always has been, always will be. Whether it’s new product ranges, emerging shoe technologies like 3D printing, or brave creative collaborations with great names such as Mary Portas, Laura Ashley or Liam Gallagher, we’re constantly looking for the next big thing. And to make the next big thing a commercial reality, we’re investing in our operational and technological infrastructure, delivering a truly effective, responsive and focused global business.